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The dimensional stone of the dragon's eye was stolen, sticking several dimensions into danger. Magical creatures, warriors, assassins and monsters were gathered in a battle for the stone that controls the portal between worlds. The old dragon recovered the stone, and condemned the world of Feroc for not being worthy to guard the stone that protects the portals. A tournament was created called the League of Fighter, where the winner may have the dragon's eye stone in his dimension under his protection. Now various magical beings want to have in their dimnesion the most desired and powerful stone of the Universe.

I have created each character to be different from all existing ones, each one has its personality and ability. We want our players to have a unique experience with our gameplay.
Admir Fox

The stone of the dragon is going to be the key point of this game, because the players will have to fight to get it, maybe in the future we will implement a system of recompence more directed to daily challenges where the player will have to do missions to get closer from the dragon stone. We want to bring incredible news with each new update, we are working on new characters to launch in the final version.

The universe is being built by a very dedicated and creative team, all giving their best in pursuit of the same goal, deliver lof in perfect state of creativity.

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